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Clinical Evaluation
Our clinical trials center, has more than 20 years’ experience in proceeding clinical trials of drugs and medical devices, is led and established by masters and doctors of medicine from PLA general hospital(A.K.A 301 hospital in China), predecessor of Air Force General Hospital. This center is committed to do clinical trials and validation for MDs. We also provide hospital selection, meeting preparation of the EC and post-discussion, proposal design and whole process follow-up during clinical trials, corresponding statistics analysis and CER(Clinical Evaluation Report) making.


Choose a GCP test base with scientific research capabilities;

Develop a trial protocol for animal testing:

Analysis and summary of test conclusions;

The summary of the test report is completed.



1. Clinical trial base selection & determination of clinical research;

2. Drafting, discussion and validation of clinical trial protocols;

3. Clinical trial initiation meeting;

4. Preparation of clinical data and explanation of test items;

5. Provision and confirmation of test samples;

6. Tracking of clinical trial procedures, modification and adjustment of trial protocols;

7. Collection and collation of test data;

8. Data processing and statistical analysis;

9. Clinical trial report drafting, validation, stamping and delivery.

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